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Tunnel oven


Three specifications of the tunnel oven: two pans, three pans, four pans (ultra wide). Four model: electric radiation tunnel oven, gas radiation tunnel oven, pure hot air circulation tunnel oven, and hot air radiation tunnel oven Baking effect: evenly colored,precise temperature control,Double -control interface, easy to use operation

Product introduction

Three specifications of the tunnel oven:two pans, three pans, four pans (ultra wide).

Four model:electric radiation tunnel oven, gas radiation tunnel oven, pure hot air circulation tunnel oven, and hot air radiation tunnel oven

Baking effect:evenly colored,precise temperature control,Double -control interface, easy to use operation


The frame adopts national standard thick stainless, with a design of "external solid seal,internal freedom". The oven temperature is stable at 400℃


Adopting imported combustion equipment (such as Riello and Weishaupt), every detail affecting the safety of the equipment has strict control and anti-error lock Settings.

Energy efficiency

Using high-quality insulation materials can effectively reduce the solid heat conduction of the material, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

Three heating methods: radiation, convection, conduction;

Stainless steel shell, and the inner cavity is aluminized plate;

The thermal insulation layer is high-density ceramic fiber insulation cotton.

Observation windows are provided on both sides for easy observation of the baking status;

Fully automatic damper control system;

Features and advantages

1. Save production space, reduce labor demand, and improve production efficiency.

2. The same production space and personnel can reach twice the output

3. The baked product is uniform and has no color difference

4. Adopting compressed double-layer insulation to reduce heat loss and energy consumption.

5. The same output saves 15% of energy consumption than ordinary tunnel oven;

6. Reasonably reduce the baking space ensures the heating rate during baking and reduce heat loss.

7. The baking output can be humanized adjustments according to product weight and water content, without being affected.

8. Independent temperature zone and speed control,adjust according to production requirements.

It can be equipped with automatic conveying system and automatic three-dimensional cooling production lines.

The length of the tunnel oven can be customized according to customer needs

Baking range

Bread, cake, biscuit, moon cake, pastry and other baked food.

Key components:

1 Far infrared electric heating element

2 12 inch Siemens touch screen PLC,

3. SEW reducer.

4 Siemens electrical control system

6. Stainless steel tube radiator with STIR far-infrared ceramic coating,reduces baking time by 6%. Enhance the bright color of baked goods.

Advantages:Innovative design,with radiation, convection, and conduction,3 heating methods.

With hot air circulation system, electric heating device and air convection system controlled by PID.

The oven frame is made of carbon steel, the inner chamber is made of high-temperature resistant steel, and the outer shell is made of 304 stainless steel.

Stainless steel conveyor belt.

High density ceramic fiber insulation cotton.

Quick heating,shorten the baking time

4-5 temperature control zones.

2 sets of air convection systems, 4 convection fans.

With 4-6 open observation windows.

Users can customize various width and length specifications, and the effective baking area can be customized from 9 square meters to 125 square meters


Internal height

Inner width

Outer Height

Tray size

Two Pans




400*600  600*800

Three Pans




400*600  600*800

Four Pans




400*600  600*800

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