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Product introduction

Equipment composition

he automatic step proofer unit is composed of a heat insulation box, a heating and humidifying part, a conveying part and a vertical lift.

  1. The insulation box is made of double-sided 304 stainless steel plate and filled with 75mm polyurethane insulation layer. The size of the cabinet is L13.5XW7XH4 Mts. It is equipped with 4 observation windows and 2 doors.
  2. In the heating and humidification part, the steam is provided by the diesel fired low-pressure boiler placed outdoors as the heat source, and the temperature in the proofer room is raised by connecting the indoor radiator with the pipeline to meet the temperature required by the proofer. In the humidification part, the water is directly atomized by the high-pressure atomizing nozzle to meet the humidity requirements of the proofer, and the temperature and humidity data are transmitted to the PLC system through the detection probe to complete the automatic adjustment of indoor temperature and humidity.
  3. Conveyor for flat top chain structure conveyor, stainless steel body, frequency control speed.
  4. There are 4 sets of vertical lifts, which are operated in two ways to meet the production demand. The internal storage capacity of the lift is 500 rays. Proofer time is 90 minutes.


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