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Several performance characteristics of spiral cooling towers


The spiral cooling towers use double-sided nylon rails, which operate very stably without jamming and turning up failures.

1. The spiral cooling towers use double-sided nylon rails, which operate very stably without jamming and turning up failures.

2. Using intelligent transmission technology, each layer of mesh belt will automatically adjust its tension to maintain a uniform transmission force for each layer.

3. All spiral towers are equipped with high-quality frequency converters, high-quality reducers and Schneider electric components.

spiral cooling tower

4. The use of high-strength nylon rails and ultra-high polymer guide rails with low friction coefficient does not need to add lubricating oil during rotation, and can be maintained for many years without maintenance or replacement, and will not fall off friction debris and contaminate food.

5. The spiral cooling towers are made of 304 stainless steel spiral mesh belt carrier, the mesh belt width is 600-900 mm, and the skeleton is made of 304 or 201 stainless steel square tubes.

6. The cooling output is large, which can directly cool hamburgers, toasts, sweet breads, and can also cool moon cakes, milk sachets, etc. with a tray.

7. Automatic cleaning of spiral cooling towers: When the spiral tower is in use, there will be food scraps, oil stains, etc. adhering to the mesh belt to clean, which is a very labor-intensive thing. Our company's scientific research personnel have developed an automatic cleaning system for users, which can automatically complete the cleaning of the entire mesh belt within 1-2 hours.



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