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AOCNO's proofer series are conceived and designed to control the proving process of bakery.
Available versions: 1 or 2-door, equipped with a see-through window allowing a perfect view of the product during
the proving process. 

Adopt temperature and moisture proof circulating fan, intelligent temperature and humidity controller, control external electric steam generator, make the indoor temperature and humidity reach the best ratio, accurate control.It uses aluminum alloy profile frame and plastic foam insulation double-layer SIS304 stainless steel plate. It has built-in electric steam generator and circulating air system, ensure that the temperature and humidity are consistent in every corner of the room, accurate temperature and humidity control system.

we can also produce proofing room of various specifications according to customer needs.


1. reasonable heating and humidity circle system, the whole proofer temperature and humidity is even inside provide a best environment for bread fermentation.

2. A 24-hour cycle program setup by computer controlled panel makes work automatically and easily done.

3. The proving process is controlled by a simple control panel. This panel gives clear indications about times and temperatures during the entire proving process

4.. Isothermal panels made of polyurethane foam, 50mm thick high insulation coefficient

6.Powerful and efficient even airflow heating system maintains the right combination of heat and humidity

7. Holds from 35 ºF to 122ºF(2 ºC to 50 ºC) with relative humidity up to 90%,covers most types of baking products

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