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Manufacturing structure of spiral cooler


The spiral cooler is mainly composed of three parts: tube bundle, fan and frame. The tube bundle includes heat transfer tubes, tube boxes, side beams and beams, etc.

The spiral cooler is mainly composed of three parts: tube bundle, fan and frame. The tube bundle includes heat transfer tubes, tube boxes, side beams and beams, etc. It can be arranged in three basic forms: horizontal, vertical and inclined roof. Among them, the horizontal The heat transfer area is large, the air distribution is uniform, and the heat transfer effect is good.

spiral cooler

Spiral cooler production structure

The spiral cooler has a small footprint and a compact structure. In order to offset the low heat transfer coefficient of the air side, a tube with fins on the outer wall of the light tube is usually used. The finned tube is used as a heat transfer tube to expand the heat transfer area.

The finned tube is the core component of the spiral cooler. Its form and material directly affect the performance of the equipment. The tube can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.

The material is determined according to the use environment and manufacturing, and stainless steel can also be used in the case of high anti-corrosion requirements or special remanufacturing process conditions.

Spiral cooler is mainly used for condensation of overhead steam in pharmaceutical, oil refining and petrochemical industry; cooling of reflux oil and tower bottom oil, cooling of various reaction products, cooling of circulating gas and condensation of steam turbine exhaust in power stations.



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