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The principle of spiral cooler in china descaling


The peeling effect of spiral cooler in china

1. The peeling effect of spiral cooler in china

The acid solution can dissolve the oxidized substances on the metal surface and destroy the fusion with the scale in the stainless steel spiral plate heat exchanger. Then the scale adhered to the metal oxide surface is peeled off and falls off;

spiral cooler in china

2. The effect of spiral cooler in china

After the acid solution reacts with calcium, magnesium, and carbonate scales, a large amount of carbon dioxide is produced. Carbon dioxide gas is in the overflow link. For the scale layer that is difficult to dissolve or dissolves slowly, it has the power to make the scale fall off from the heated surface of the equipment;

3. The loose effect of spiral cooler in China

For the mixed scale with silicate and sulfate, because the oxides of calcium, magnesium, carbonate and iron are dissolved in the acid solution, the remaining scale in the stainless steel spiral plate heat exchanger will become looser and more easily The flowing acid solution erodes down.



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