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What is the structure of spiral cooling towers


Spiral cooling towers consist of watering pipes, blowers, aquariums, and air blower parts that move together.

Spiral cooling towers consist of watering pipes, blowers, aquariums, and air blower parts that move together.

The first is the sprinkler pipe, but this is the cooling water that needs to be cooled (i.e. the cooling water that was ever used) comes out of this pipe. Sprinkler pipes are connected to the spiral cooling towers to cool the cooling water.

A blower is a device that absorbs outside air and blows it. The blower blows air to cool the cooling water.

spiral cooling towers

Next is the aquarium, which acts like a tank that stores water. If you don't store a certain amount of water, you can't cool it down one by one.

Air blower, so-called drain. Cooling water can be contaminated with dirt, but drain it regularly to prevent dirt build-up. The blower discharges the water to a certain extent to keep the cooling water clean. If the blower is not enough and needs to be kept clean, use a sealed type instead of an open type.

Through the operation of these devices, the spiral cooling towers can operate normally. In addition to this, there is a section called the fill, where the cooling water whose temperature rises falls, and a water supply for fresh water.



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